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We had really hoped that our advent calendar 2.0 would be successul (of course, it was fully digital in the 15th year of the third millenium). But we had not anticipated such an overwhelming reponse from our customers.

The traffic statistics of our entire website went through the roof, and not only the daily winners proved happy, the daily antics of Libby and Catherine brought at least a smile and a giggle to the faces of so many visitors!

We were often asked how we plan to top this one in the pre-Christmas rush 2016. Hmm, let’s say: the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation, and we have some pretty cool ideas, but mum’s the word for now, so keep tuned...

Perhaps you have already enjoyed receiving the fun, mischievous postcards that we have been sending to our customers since March 2015. If you haven't yet received one, hurry up and become a discover legal customer asap!

We have taken the look and feel of our postcards to update our website. We admit to being pretty proud when we invite you to visit the individual pages and to smile at the protagonists, Catherine and Libby, finding some humorous aspects about the individual issues...

We made do without summer holidays this year. But actually there was quite a pleasing reason for this: we had tons of work.

We were especially pleased about the increased number of translations for annual reports and annual accounts according to HGB. We don't have a specific industry focus here, we delivered clean and correct translations for online retailers as well as companies from the health industry, tool industry and energy industry.

We used a translation-free day in the cold month of February to update our knowledge of real estate law.

The focus was on trade tax aspects and current information on real estate financing. We are very careful to not only stay up-to-date in the legal areas we deal with every day, but also to be prepared for topics that may well land on our desks when existing clients refer us to business friends and partners.