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Interpreting is the transmission of the spoken word from one language to another.

Translations of documents issued in Germany that are to be used abroad might require legalisation for official acceptance. It is an additional endorsement that relates to the signature.

Negotiations are usually interpreted using consecutive interpreting. The interpreter often interprets both languages.

Describes the proofreading process by a second qualified person. The so-called "four-eyes principle" increases the quality of the translation product immensely and is essential to the quality of legal translations.

The purpose of swearing-in and public appointment is to make available particularly trustworthy authorised experts to the courts, authorities and public in Germany.

Means concurrent or at the same time. The interpreter listens to what is being said and interprets in real-time, either using interpreting equipment or by whispering in the client's ear. This method of interpreting is especially used at conferences.

Translations in Germany are usually invoiced according to standard lines. A standard line has 55 characters including spaces. A standard line can be calculated in the source language or the target language.

Super-legalisation is a process of authenticating or certifying a legal document by the Foreign Office or consular representation of the foreign country where the document is to be used.

In Germany, sworn interpreters and translators who have been appointed by the court or the relevant ministry have sworn on oath that they will faithfully and conscientiously carry out their job as an interpreter and/or translator for the applicable language, and that they will explicitly indicate when they are not sure about the correctness of the translation.

Terminology describes the technical terms used in a specialist area, an industry or in a company. Observing, appropriate use and management of a customer's terminology are crucial quality criteria for translations.

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