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A whispering unit is portable, wireless and consists of a microphone for the interpreter and headphones for the listeners.

It enables, for example, guided tours at company sites and trade fairs to be interpreted simultaneously whilst the actual speaker is talking. This allows some listeners to listen directly to the speaker whilst others use the headphones to listen to the interpreter.

A sound-proof cabin for interpreters that removes any background noise except the words being spoken by the speaker. It also prevents other listeners or the speaker from being distracted by the interpreter. The cabin has a microphone for the interpreter, and the interpreter's words are transmitted to headphones worn by the audience.

When looking into finding the right equipment, the interpreter booth should preferably be your first choice. Whispering units are not suitable for groups larger than 25 persons and can complicate the situation for the interpreter. There is a high risk that the interpreter cannot hear the speaker properly due to noise interference.

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